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3D Game Model and Texture Generation Using Interactive Genetic Algorithm

Recently, the production of big games is expensive, and it is very difficult to gain attention from players. Although gamers' expectations are very high, game companies' resources are limited to maximize the quality of the ... Read More »

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Investigation of the Effect of “Fog of War” in the Prediction of StarCraft Strategy Using Machine Learning
StarCraft is a well-known real-time strategy game developed by Blizzard Entertainment in 1998. One of the characteristics of this game is “fog of war,” which refers to the fact that ...
A Novel Multi-Agent Planning System for Digital Interactive Storytelling
Digital Interactive Storytelling (DIS) is a relatively novel area of computer entertainment that aims at investigating interactive applications capable of generating consistent, emergent, and rich stories. To provide new solutions ...
Component-Based Approach for Prototyping of Tai Chi-Based Physical Therapy Game and Its Performance Evaluations
This article treats a component-based approach for the prototyping of Tai Chi-based physical therapy games. The research group of the authors has already proposed a component-based three-dimensional (3D) software development ...