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Electric Agents

Electric Agents is a transmedia game that presents new ways for children to actively engage with television content. A typical-looking educational television show transforms into an interactive game in which children collaborate through a mobile ... Read More »

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Plot Generation with Character-Based Decisions
The method proposed here to determine, in a simplified but still plausible way, the behavior of the characters participating in a story is based on rules that associate a given ...
In-Place Sketching for Augmented Reality Games
Sketching leverages human skills for various purposes, such as content authoring. This paper explores the different aspects of sketch-based interaction in augmented reality. We explore the design space of sketching ...
An Integrated Development Framework for Tabletop Computer Games
We have implemented an integrated development framework for tabletop computer games focusing on the aspects of terrain composition and input management. To support multiple game genres and varying board setups ...