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Improving Gameplay in First Person 3-D Games using Multiple Displays

Games are everywhere and, with the sharp improvement of graphics in the later years, a new challenge is to create better interfaces to amplify the sensorial experience of game players. In this context, the present ... Read More »

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Design Techniques for Planning Navigational Systems in 3-D Video Games
Navigation is an essential element of many high-budget games (known as AAA titles). In such products, players are expected to walk through and interact with aesthetically rich 3-D spaces. Therefore, ...
Agriculture, while of uttermost importance for society, may also have a strong negative impact on the environment. Hence we propose a game that offers players the opportunity to experience the ...
Sound Localization on Tabletop Computers
Tabletop computers (also known as surface computers and smart tables) have been growing in popularity for the past decade and are poised to make inroads into the consumer market, opening ...