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Real Time Strategy (RTS) games can be very challenging, especially to novice users, who are normally overwhelmed by the dynamic, distributed, and multi-objective structure of these games. In this paper we present RTSMate, an advice ... Read More »

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Personal, Physical, Social, and Creative Contextual Design for Art Education
This paper proposes a Situation Design that designs not only the experience of behavior itself, but also the experience of the environment around the behavior. The research question of this ...
Online Games
Computer-based games have become an important social phenomenon of modern society. Fast-growing online games are becoming the dominant sector in computer-based games. The development of online games involves many disparate ...
BCI Promises in Emotional Involvement in Music and Games
The reliability of commercial non-invasive BCI (brain computer Interface) devices and the lower cost of these EEG-based systems, as well as the equipment's portability, determined the increasing interest in their ...