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Revealing the Participation Inequality in Mobile Location Based Games

Free All Monsters! is a novel, context-aware, location-based mobile game and associated online Web-based portal, which allows players to create content that populates the game. The concept has recently transitioned from an initial prototype debuted ... Read More »

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Playful Interactions for People with Intellectual Disabilities
For people with intellectual disabilities, there are significant barriers to inclusion in socially cooperative endeavors. This paper investigates the effectiveness of Stomp, a tangible user interface (TUI) designed to provide ...
Less Talk Is More Play
In this paper, we experimentally study a new type of multiplayer mobile game for casual gamers by introducing the concept of online, team-based strategy forming via visual-only in-game communication. The ...
Reviving Traditional Chinese Culture Through an Interactive Chat Application
In this paper, we present an interactive system that allows people to enjoy an entertaining experience with traditional Chinese culture. We have created a mobile application called iSage Confucius, which ...