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Design Guidelines for Multiplayer Video Games on Multi-touch Displays

The proliferation of multi-touch, tabletop display systems during the last few years have made them an attractive option for interactive, multiuser applications such as museum exhibits and video games. While there is a large body ... Read More »

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New Perspectives
This paper outlines the context for and describes processes used in the incorporation of RPT technologies within recent interactive artwork and art installations, relating to interdisciplinary research in collaboration with ...
Energy Expenditure of Three Public and Three Home-based Active Video Games in Children
The purpose of this study was to assess the energy expenditure (EE) experienced by children when playing six active video games, which can be used in a home environment and ...
The Effect of Vibrotactile Stimulation on the Emotional Response to Horror Films
Over the last decade consumers have witnessed a dramatic increase in the use of low fidelity, discrete vibrotactile feedback to enhance or replace audio stimuli in entertainment systems. However, use ...
Caffe Neve
The popularization of podcasting provides Internet users more opportunities to access interesting and entertaining multimedia content. The podcasting content hosting sites became the shared platforms for all Internet users to ...