ACM - Computers in Entertainment

Interview with Lee Jay Lorenzen

By Newton Lee, Lee Jay Lorenzen
3rd anniversary issue, [Vol. 4, No. 4]

DOI: 10.1145/1178418.1178423

Lee Jay Lorenzen is a highly successful serial entrepreneur with more than 26 years of experience developing software and founding and/or funding numerous software ventures and non-profit organizations. Some of his successful companies include Independent Programming Teams, Ventura Software, Altura Software, Post Digital, Fractal Design Corporation, CoolChat and PGSoft. Lorenzen also developed some of the world's first graphical user interfaces, including icon-based graphical desktop user interface at Xerox Office Products Division and a graphical windowing system and user interface for the PC at Digital Research Inc. In the video interview, you will hear Lee's answers to the following questions:1. You worked on the graphical user interface in the early 80's, what was the motivation behind your work?2. What is the future of the Internet? More e-commerce, education, or entertainment?3. What is the ultimate shopping experience on the Internet like in the future?4. As a successful serial and parallel entrepreneur, what is your advice to a want-to-be entrepreneur in the high-tech business?

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