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Interview with Kimberly Till

By Newton Lee, Kimberly Till
Theoretical and Practical Computer Applications in Entertainment, [Vol. 3, No. 2]

DOI: 10.1145/1063723.1063727

Interview with Kimberly Till (April 18, 2005)

Kimberly Till is vice president of Microsofts Worldwide Media & Entertainment Group ( In the video interview, Kimberly was accompanied by David Alstadter (Senior Director of Marketing, Partners, and Solutions), John Canning (Technical Evangelist of Microsoft Windows eHome Division), and Jon Weisner (Solution Specialist). You will hear what they have to say about:

  • What does the Worldwide Media & Entertainment Group do? Video 1 - Kimberly Till
  • What are the challenges and solutions for digital asset management? Video 2 - David Alstadter
  • How does the Microsoft technology benefit the entertainment industry? Video 3 - David Alstadter and Jon Weisner
  • There are interactive TV programs and other special software designed to run on the Windows XP Media Center Edition PC. What are the future plans for the Media Center PC? Video 4 - John Canning

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