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Interview with David Wertheimer

By Newton Lee, David Wertheimer
Theoretical and Practical Computer Applications in Entertainment, [Vol. 5, No. 3]

DOI: 10.1145/1316511.1316514

David Wertheimer is Executive Director of the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at the University of Southern California. Prior to his ETC post, he was the executive director of USC's Institute for Creative Technologies. His experience also includes terms as the president of the Digital Entertainment division of Paramount Pictures; founder and CEO of WireBreak Entertainment; and technology and business management positions at Oracle and NeXT. In the video interview, you will hear answers to the following questions:

1. What are the technological and sociological implications of providing content to consumers who desire it at any time and any place?

2. You once said that "The world of interactivity and entertainment is converging." Would you like to elaborate on your statement?

3. Can you tell us about the state-of-the-art Digital Content Center that you are building at the ETC?

4. What is the biggest challenge for the ETC today and what is your grand vision for the future of the ETC?

5. What are some of the current activities at the ETC?

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