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Interview with Richard Edlund

Richard Edlund established his reputation winning four Oscars for the visual effects in "Star Wars," "The Empire Strikes Back," "Raiders of the Lost Ark," and "Return of the Jedi," with a nomination for "Poltergeist." He has received six additional Oscar nominations, three Academy Scientific and Engineering Awards, an Emmy, and two BAFTA Awards.


1. Richard, can you tell us, how did you feel when you won the first Oscar for the visual effects in Star Wars?

2. What challenges did you encounter making the visual effects for the original Star Wars? What were the solutions?

3. How have visual effects changed since the original Star Wars?

4. Based on your experience, are there certain types of visual effects that are more suitable for different types of movies?

5. One of my favorite movies is Ghostbusters. And Slimer is my beloved character. How did you create Slimer and other fictional ghosts in Ghostbusters?

6. You have created visual effects for many blockbuster movies and received lots of awards. Which movie did you enjoy working on most of all?

7. You have worked with many famous movie directors and producers. What were the most memorable moments?

8. When you have a new movie script, how do you decide what visual effects will make it a big success?

9. These days, some music videos are using a lot of visual effects, what do you think about their effectiveness in music videos?

10. Richard, you mentioned that you worked on the original Star Trek TV shows. What did you do for Star Trek?

11. How do you see the future of visual effects? Say, 20 years from now?

12. What new movies are you working on right now?

13. Apart from film work, you also developed and manufactured the Pignose portable-style guitar amplifier. Do you have other new products in the works?

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