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Integrating the Wii controller with enJine

By João Bernardes, Ricardo Nakamura, Daniel Calife, Daniel Tokunaga, Romero Tori
SPECIAL ISSUE: Media Arts and Games, [Vol. 7, No. 1]

DOI: 10.1145/1486508.1486520

The goal of the work described here is to integrate a 3D input device, the Wii controller, and enJine, a didactic engine, motivated by the growing use of 3D interfaces. This article discusses how this increases enJine's didactic and technological potential, and details the adopted solution as a layered architecture. Two interaction styles were tested with the implemented solution. Test results show a variety of data about the controller, confirming that this solution works as desired and that using it to modify a game so it can use the WiiMote as its input device is a simple task.

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