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Hidden agenda year 2 launches

By Lauren Davis
First anniversary issue, [Vol. 2, No. 4]

DOI: 10.1145/1037851.1037859

I'm very excited to announce Year 2 of the Hidden Agenda College Video Game Development Contest! Thanks to all of you for your continued interest in the project.

Attached is a link to the latest contest press release:

With a successful first year under our belt, we have even higher hopes for this year -- I'd especially love to see MORE FACULTY INVOLVED, encouraging their students to enter the contest for credit or as a resume builder and networking tool. I'd also love to see MORE SCHOOLS INVOLVED -- especially those with specialized game development curriculum!

Please forward information about the contest to any faculty, students, message boards, listserves & organizations that may be interested. As a nonprofit foundation, these are our best marketing tools.

If anyone has questions about the project, I'd be happy to discuss with them directly. As well, I can connect them with students and advisors who participated in last year's successful inaugural event.

Thank you so much for your continued support -- we couldn't do it without you!


Lauren Davis Director,

Stealth Education

Liemandt Foundation

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