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Guardian of the Galaxy

By John Davison

Guardian of the Galaxy

Sean Gunn as Kraglin in "Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2"

Sean Gunn is one of the stars of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2, a film released in May of this year that is now approaching the $900 million mark at the box office. His career spans over three decades, from being a guest star on ANGEL in the 1990s to a series regular on GILMORE GIRLS in the 2000s to his present day work in independent films and Marvel blockbusters such as the currently-filming AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR. Sean recently hosted the 43rd annual Saturn Awards and I had a chance to speak with him about technology, technique and raccoons.


Q: How have things changed in terms of the arts and sciences of being on set?

A: there’s always a creative dialogue between actor and director that needs to be worked out, and much of that is the same. The technology has changed a lot, the makeup on ANGEL back at that time was pretty painstaking. Sure, the makeup was painstaking on GUARDIANS and GUARDIANS 2 but I think it was also a lot smoother in many ways.

It’s been an interesting ride for me, and in terms of the process there is certainly more equipment today and the path is a little shorter to making something look extravagant on screen. In terms of greenscreen work, on GUARDIANS we built a lot of the sets and so it’s less blank acting in front a greenscreen than it is acting on a set that’s mostly built, with greenscreen elements. So maybe one wall is greenscreen or one other aspect of the set is, it gives us something to act and react against. That’s why I play Rocket (Raccoon) on set, in the Marvel Universe, we need an actor there for the other actors to be with and play off of on set. And that’s in addition to someone for the visual effects team to use as a reference when they’re creating the character, so I’ve been on the inside of some of that.

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