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Five Tips for Marketing Your Entertainment Technology Skills on Social Media

By Dave Hammack

Working in the entertainment industry, despite its obvious allure, is not without its challenges. It can be extremely competitive, difficult to break into the higher paying positions, and it often requires finding new jobs on a continual basis as projects inevitably run their course. In the field of entertainment technology, as it is in so many businesses, continued success relies on a combination of talent and experience, and the strength of personal connections. If you are looking for an effective way to get your foot in the door with the right people, gain exposure for your work, and land the right job to build a successful career upon, consider these five tips on marketing your entertainment technology skills on social media.

1. Cultivate a Powerful Network
There are many ways to market yourself on social media, but none go very far without a well-developed network to travel through. Starting with your closest advocates and associates and extending to acquaintances, fans, and industry peers, it's essential to establish an active, invested following with a genuine interest in what you have to offer. The power of social media marketing, no matter your goal, resides in simultaneously increasing exposure and engagement with a targeted audience through effective interaction and quality content.

  • Continually curate a professional online profile, establishing a presence only on channels you plan to be active on, presenting you with the best opportunity to connect with your desired audience.
  • Don't be shy about reaching out to high-profile industry leaders and decision makers who are in a position to endorse your talents and impact your career. The worst that can happen is they politely ignore your request.

2. Be a Consistent Contributor
A successful social media campaign rests on more than making connections with expansive groups of people and putting your content on display for popular consumption. The idea is to place yourself at the center of an active social community where like-minded individuals gather to share ideas, discuss trends, and support each other's initiatives. As it is in life, being part of the crowd often gets you into the party, but arriving with gifts in hand, initiating lively conversation, and sticking around to clean up afterword can not only win real friends, but also ensure you get invited back. To be successful on social media you need to drop the wallflower routine and become a steady source of insightful content and commentary on the channels your core community most commonly congregates on.

  • Strive to create educational, entertaining, and inspiring content your network can value and build a loyal following that not only seeks out your material, but also shares it to their extended networks.
  • Use mobile applications and software tools that help keep track of your social activity and profiles. Schedule posts and delve into the data metrics that illuminate ways to cultivate effective strategies.

3. Find a Home in Niche Communities
People actively marketing their talents on social media are sure to have Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and profiles on professional development sites such as LinkedIn. While it is impossible to be everywhere on social media, it pays to seek out the smaller, more focused communities where you have the best chance to get in front of a crowd of industry peers and influencers. Form circles to share and discuss relevant topics on Google+ and get involved in niche forums that specifically cater to your area of expertise. This can help you more efficiently gain exposure to your desired audience and solidify a place of recognition and authority in your industry.

  • Weigh in on trending topics and popular threads, using real-world experience and personal anecdotes to provide authenticity and value to the discussion.
  • Demonstrate a passion for your craft by stepping up to moderate a forum or lead an engagement event where you can share ideas, further concepts, and learn from fellow entertainment technology professionals.

4. Channel Your Inner Promoter
You may be skilled in theatrical stagecraft and have an educational background in areas ranging from electronics to computer networking, but if there's one discipline that really pays to study on social media it is the art of self-promotion. Whether you have been recognized for an honor, acquired a new skill, or are working on an anticipated project, social media supplies an effective method to publicize the positive aspects of your career in a way that supports your personal marketing mission.

  • Consider the optimal frequency of your promotional posts and study your tone to build a positive social presence—but avoid coming off as boastful or intrusive.
  • Use visually driven channels such as Instagram or Vine to bring awareness to the projects you and your associates are currently involved in.

5. Create Calling Card Content
Every action you take on social media is an opportunity to tell a compelling story of who you are professionally, from details of your qualifications and experiences to the passion you have for the entertainment technology industry. While the tasks you perform on a daily basis and the experiences you accrue over a career provide plenty of fodder for social content, a deeper level of engagement can be achieved through creating exceptional material specifically packaged for the online audience. Using your entertainment technology skills to create a piece of high-level content with takeaway value not only gives you a venue to spotlight your talents, but also a vehicle to drive exposure.

  • Create material such as how-to video series, multimedia presentations, or educational webinars that your audience can save as resources and promote to friends.
  • Trade exposure to broader audiences by collaborating with entertainment tech professionals who have complementary skills which can expand your capabilities.

Final Thoughts
Whether you're seeking to break into the field of entertainment technology or are focused on advancing an established career, it pays to utilize the modern tools at your disposal to market your skills. By building a diverse and powerful network of connections, producing content that showcases your talents, and embracing the subtle art of self-promotion, you can use social media to pave a bright future in entertainment technology.

How are you marketing your skills on social media?

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