ACM - Computers in Entertainment

Fast Captions

By Muralidhar Pantula, K. S. Kuppusamy
FINAL EDITION, [Vol. 16, No. 4]

DOI: 10.1145/3276323

With the ongoing prolific expansion of the size of the World Wide Web, the quantity of video content is also expanding. With this massive increase in size, users encounter a serious problem when trying to decide which videos to spend their time on. Moreover, as a result of our modern-day faster lifestyles, users wish to consume the contents of the video as quickly as possible. This article proposes a model, entitled Fast Captions, that enables users to consume the video more quickly with the help of closed captions. The proposed model incorporates a temporal summarization of the captions that helps in understanding the contents of the video more quickly. A prototype implementation of the proposed Fast Captioning model is developed with the Facilitas media player, which allows the user to select the playing speed and renders the video with summarized captions. The results of the experiments conducted with the implementation confirms the acceptance of the proposed Fast Captions model with an acceptance rate of 92%.

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