ACM - Computers in Entertainment

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By Newton Lee
Theoretical and Practical Computer Applications in Entertainment, [Vol. 3, No. 1]

DOI: 10.1145/1057270.1057271

  1. Technology Induced Change in Film/Television Distribution
  2. High Performance Data Recording Architecture and High Definition Video
  3. Mobile Digital Rights Management for Multimedia
  4. The Universal Preservation Format: A Recommended Practice for Archiving Media and Electronic Records
  5. Design vs. Content: A Survey of Ten Popular Web Sites That Made Emotional Connections with the User
  6. Agents Based Modelling for a Peer-to-Peer MMOG Architecture
  7. A RIO-like Technique for Interactivity Loss Avoidance in Fast-Paced Multiplayer Online Games: A Preliminary Study
  8. Portholes and Planes: Faster Dynamic Evaluation of Potentially Visible Sets
  9. and more...

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