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Awareness and conversational context-sharing to enrich TV-based communication

By Bart Hemmeryckx-Deleersnijder, Jeremy M. Thorne
Social television and user interaction, [Vol. 6, No. 1]

DOI: 10.1145/1350843.1350850

This article discusses domestic video-calling over the TV and how such an experience might be enhanced through awareness and context-sharing. Video-based awareness will provide a visual sense of togetherness, such that users feel more connected and the perceived barrier to entering the call will be lowered. Rich contextsharing within the call allows conversations to flow more freely as callers throw items (photos, for example) from each others' lives onto the virtual "table" for discussion. We also discuss some mechanisms to transition between awareness and a context- enriched call; we structure the article around a family scenario.

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