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A fast and handy method for skeleton-driven body deformation

By Wang Zhaoqi, Mao Tianlu, Xia Shihong
3rd anniversary issue, [Vol. 4, No. 4]

DOI: 10.1145/1178418.1178428

This article presents a deformation method for a skeleton-driven body with real-time efficiency. The idea is developed from the cross-sectional method, and inherits its basic deformation strategy. The main contribution of our method is a generalized cross-sections method, with which the complex processes for construction of cross-sectional contours, skin representation, and welding are elided, while the details of an existent body model are retained. The conception and subdivision method for generalized cross-sections are introduced, and the interpolation method is employed to improve the results of shoulder deformation. Finally, the results of our method are given, which are realistic and satisfy real-time applications.

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