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The 3-D Experience: An interview with Phil Lelyveld

By Newton Lee

Phil Lelyveld, former vice president of digital industry relations at The Walt Disney Company, launched and manages the Consumer 3D Experience Lab at USC School of Cinematic Art’s Entertainment Technology Center. The Lab, which is funded by the CTOs of the six major Hollywood studios and others, addresses stereoscopic 3-D in the home, on personal devices, in public spaces, in advertising, and in theatres. Phil spoke with ACM Computers in Entertainment in this interview:


1. What is the Consumer 3D Experience Lab at the ETC?

2. Where are the opportunities for technical development in theatrical 3-D?

3. What are some new trends in 3-D display technology?

4. What are some new techniques in 3-D content creation?

5. What are the obstacles to 3-D adoption in the consumer market?

6. What do you think about combining 3-D and immersive sound technology to create a new sensational experience?

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